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Welcome to Pussycat Barcelona, the home of the best exotic dancers in Barcelona! If you’re looking for a wild night out with some mesmerizing performances, then look no further. Our club has been around for years and we’ve got a reputation for providing some of the most unforgettable experiences in town. From sensual lap dances to electrifying stage shows, our performers are sure to leave you breathless. So sit tight and let us take you on a journey through the history of Barcelona’s exotic dancers and why Pussycat Barcelona is your go-to strip club in town!  

History of Barcelona’s Exotic Dancers

Barcelona has a rich history of exotic dancing that dates back to the early 20th century. Back then, clubs featuring scantily clad women were known as «cafés con piernas,» or cafes with legs. These establishments were popular among sailors and travelers who would come to the city looking for entertainment. In the 1960s and 70s, Barcelona’s red-light district became a hub for strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs. The area attracted tourists from all over Europe who came to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. Over time, Barcelona’s exotic dancing industry has evolved into a more refined art form. Today, you can find some of the best exotic dancers in Barcelona at Pussycat Barcelona. Our performers are talented professionals who have honed their craft through years of training and practice. At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in our ability to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor party or just looking for a fun night out with friends, we offer something truly unique that you won’t find anywhere else in the city!

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The Types of Performances Pussycat Barcelona provides

At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in providing a diverse range of performance options for our guests. Our exotic dancers are skilled at creating an unforgettable experience with their unique moves and seductive styles. Whether you’re looking for a sultry solo dance or an exciting group routine, we have something to cater to all preferences. Our performers can customize their performances according to your specific request, ensuring that you receive the ultimate entertainment experience. Our dancers are trained professionals who know how to keep the energy high and the audience engaged throughout their entire set. From sensuous pole dancing routines to steamy lap dances, our performers will leave nothing to be desired when it comes to fulfilling your fantasies. We also offer private shows where one of our gorgeous dancers will perform exclusively for you or your group. These private shows provide an intimate setting where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the full attention of your chosen performer without any distractions from other guests. At Pussycat Barcelona, we believe in providing top-quality entertainment that caters to every taste and preference!  

Why we are the best exotic dancers in Barcelona

At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in being the best exotic dance club in Barcelona. Our dancers are not only skilled and talented but also passionate about what they do. We offer a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Our performances are designed to cater to all types of audiences, from couples looking for a romantic night out to groups of friends celebrating special occasions. We have a wide range of shows available, including pole dancing, lap dances, private shows, and much more. What sets us apart from other clubs is our attention to detail when it comes to customer service. Our staff is friendly and accommodating – always going above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is unforgettable. From providing advice on what outfits would be appropriate for your visit or making sure you get the perfect spot in our VIP section. We believe that every guest should feel special during their time at Pussycat Barcelona which is why we offer such an extensive range of services tailored specifically toward making your evening truly enjoyable. Whether you’re coming alone or as part of a group, we guarantee that you will leave feeling satisfied and longing for another night with us soon after! So come on down – let our beautiful dancers show off their moves while you sit back and relax amongst great company!

What to wear

When it comes to visiting a strip club, dressing appropriately is important. You want to look good but also feel comfortable enough to enjoy the show. For men, we recommend wearing smart casual attire such as dress pants and a button-up shirt. Avoid wearing anything too casual like shorts or sandals as this may give off the wrong impression. As for women, you can never go wrong with a little black dress paired with some heels. However, if you prefer something more casual, jeans and a nice top will do just fine. It’s important to keep in mind that while we appreciate our clients looking their best, we also value comfort. So wear whatever makes you feel confident and relaxed. At Pussycat Barcelona, our dancers are professionals who take pride in their work and appearance. They always dress up in sexy outfits that accentuate their curves and make them stand out on stage. So whether you decide to come dressed up or opt for something more laid back, know that at Pussycat Barcelona all are welcome!  

What our dancers can offer you

At Pussycat Barcelona, our exotic dancers are more than just performers – they offer an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. One of the things that set us apart from other strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs in Barcelona is the talent and versatility of our dancers. Our dancers come from all over the world, bringing with them a diverse range of styles and techniques. Whether you’re looking for a sultry burlesque routine or a high-energy pole dance performance, we have something to suit every taste. But it’s not just about their skills on stage – our dancers also know how to connect with their audience on a personal level. From flirty banter to sensual body language, they’ll make you feel like the only person in the room. And if you’re looking for something extra special, many of our dancers offer private shows and lap dances. These intimate experiences allow you to get up close and personal with your favorite performer, creating memories that will last long after your night at Pussycat Barcelona has ended. So why settle for an average night out when you can experience the best exotic dancing Barcelona has to offer? Come visit us at Pussycat Barcelona and let our talented performers show you what they can do!  

How to book an appointment

Booking an appointment with Pussycat Barcelona is quick and easy. We have a user-friendly website where you can browse through our dancers, choose the one that catches your eye, and book them for a private performance. To start, simply head on to our website and select the dancer or dancers who caught your fancy. You can see their profile pictures as well as read their profiles to know more about them. Once you have made your selection, click on «Book Now» and fill up the necessary details such as the date of performance, time slot, venue address, etc. We require advance notice of at least 24 hours before the scheduled performance so we can make sure everything is set up perfectly for you. We also offer VIP packages if you want to take things up a notch. Our VIP package includes special perks like priority booking status and complimentary drinks during the show. Booking with Pussycat Barcelona guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more!  


Our dancers offer a variety of shows, including pole dancing, lap dances, striptease, and private shows. We also offer special packages for bachelor parties and other events.
You can book an appointment by visiting our website or contacting us directly through email or phone. It is advisable to make reservations in advance to ensure availability.
The dress code at our establishment is smart casual. Avoid wearing sportswear, flip flops, or beachwear as it will not be allowed into the club.

What our dancers love about their job

Our dancers at Pussycat Barcelona are passionate about their job and love the opportunity to express themselves through dance. They enjoy entertaining and bringing joy to our guests, making them feel special with a personalized performance. Our dancers appreciate the artistic freedom that comes with exotic dancing – they get to create their own choreography, choose their music and costumes, and showcase their unique style. This creative process allows them to express themselves in a way that traditional jobs may not allow. Additionally, dancing provides an empowering feeling for our performers. It allows them to embrace their bodies and feel confident in who they are as individuals. The confidence gained from being on stage often spills over into other areas of life, making them overall more self-assured individuals. Furthermore, interacting with clients is one of the best parts of the job. Our dancers love meeting new people from all walks of life and hearing interesting stories from around the world. Building connections with customers can be rewarding for both parties involved: it creates a fun atmosphere while providing a safe space where everyone can let loose. Our dancers truly love what they do because it gives them an outlet for creativity while also allowing personal growth through empowerment and social interaction.


As we come to the end of this blog post, it’s clear that Pussycat Barcelona is one of the best exotic dancers in Barcelona. The history of exotic dancing in Barcelona may be long and storied, but there’s no question that our team continues to raise the bar. Our performances are a cut above any other strip club or gentleman’s club in the city. We offer a variety of options for those looking to experience something truly unique and exciting. From private dances to group shows, we have something for everyone. One thing that sets us apart from other clubs is our attention to detail when it comes to costumes and outfits. Our dancers always look their absolute best, whether they’re performing on stage or giving a private dance. Booking an appointment with Pussycat Barcelona couldn’t be easier – simply head over to our website and select your preferred date and time slot. Our friendly staff will take care of everything else so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. At Pussycat Barcelona, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience every single time. Whether you’re visiting us alone or with friends, you’ll leave feeling satisfied – both physically and emotionally!