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Does it only exist in porn movies? No. It is not a myth, it happens. But you must know some things about the famous squirt.

Also known as “female ejaculation (squirting)”, occurs when the correct stimulation of the “G-spot” reaches its greatest splendor. Sometimes it is confused with urine, but no, it is not urine, although it is expelled by the urethra. But let’s stop definitions and technical words. If you are reading this, it’s because you want to know how to reach this point with your couple, so keep reading.

Your girl must be very relaxed. Otherwise, it will be complicated. The position is important. Our Doll Chiqui Martín recommends that your girl is on her back and with her legs wide open. Make sure she’s comfortable. Lubricating the area will help us in this beautiful process.

Well, now that she’s in position and lubricated, stimulate her clitoris. You must take it easy! No sudden movements. You can start with smooth movements and increase the speed and press a little more. It will only be enough to see your girl’s face to know if you are doing it correctly or else, you are stimulating the wrong area.

The complicity of your girl in this process is very important, for this you need to have confidence. If you meet both requirements, it will be easy to tell her that while you stimulate her clitoris, she should move in such a way that she increases pleasure while you are working with your fingers. A good trick is to contract the muscles that hold urine intermittently. She will know how to find the perfect intervals.

The first thing your girl will feel is a lot of pleasure, accompanied by an immense desire to urinate. It is just at that moment when you must not stop. Continue stimulating and you will witness a beautiful squirt.