This practice has been demonized by several women, but it’s clear that for men it’s an act that gives them much pleasure. Use these tricks without disgust, but do not forget that enjoyment should be for both of you. One piece of advice before starting: a menthol pill will be helpful.

Here come 5 pleasurable bombs:

1- Start warming up your partner: use your tongue from his belly button to the base of his penis. Surround it with love, but still, do not give him the jackpot. This will generate a great expectation, so much, he will want it NOW.

2- Massage his penis and testicles: use your tongue from top to bottom of his penis, but do not put it in your mouth. While doing this, gently touch his testicles.

3- Penis tip: lick with your tongue the tip of the penis in circles, with one hand you stimulate the rest of the limb and with the other the testicles. The idea is to use all your resources. He won’t know what gives him more pleasure.

4-Suction and massage: put the penis in your mouth as far as you can, without causing a desire to vomit. Stretch your tongue and massage his penis circling it with your tongue, going back and forward. With each circle, you make, make a suction (let the walls of your cheeks massage the penis).

5-Explosion: locate your tongue in the base of the penis (where the testicles end and the limb begins), gently lick this area while stimulating the penis with one hand and gently touch the testicles with the other hand, this will make it explode.