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Welcome to Pussycat Barcelona, where the nights are hot and the entertainment is even hotter! If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, look no further. Our live exotic dancers are here to tantalize your senses with their breathtaking performances and sultry moves that will leave you begging for more. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, our strip club offers a world-class gentleman’s club experience like no other in Barcelona. So sit back, relax, and let us show you why we truly are the best live exotic dancers in town!  

What is Pussycat Barcelona?

Pussycat Barcelona is a premier strip club in the heart of Barcelona. Our establishment offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking live exotic dancers in Barcelona. Our club boasts a luxurious and intimate atmosphere that allows our guests to fully immerse themselves in the sensual performances of our talented dancers. From private lap dances to stage shows, we offer a wide range of options to suit any preference. At Pussycat Barcelona, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our friendly and professional staff are always on hand to ensure that your visit with us is nothing short of amazing. In addition to our stunning performers, we also have top-notch sound and lighting equipment that enhances the overall ambiance of our club. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or want to celebrate a special occasion, Pussycat Barcelona is the perfect destination for live exotic dancers in Barcelona.  

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Our Team

At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in our talented team of dancers and performers. Our team comprises some of the most beautiful and skilled live exotic dancers in Barcelona who are dedicated to providing the best entertainment for our clients. Our hiring process is thorough, ensuring that we only work with the best. We look for experience, talent, personality, and professionalism when selecting new members to join our team. This means that every dancer on our team has a unique set of skills that they bring to each show. What sets us apart from other strip clubs or gentleman’s clubs is the diversity within our team. We have dancers from all over the world who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds. This allows us to cater to a wide range of audiences with different preferences. Our team not only performs flawlessly but also knows how to engage their audience during shows. They make sure everyone feels welcomed and included by creating an electric atmosphere filled with energy and excitement. We value teamwork at Pussycat Barcelona – it’s what makes us stand out among other venues in Barcelona. Every member plays an important role in delivering high-quality performances while upholding professional standards throughout each event. With the such exceptional talent on board, you can be sure your night will be unforgettable!  

Our Shows

At Pussycat Barcelona, we always aim to provide the best and most exciting shows for our clients. Our live exotic dancers are trained to perform a variety of shows that cater to different tastes and preferences. Our shows range from sensual and slow performances to high-energy, upbeat routines that will leave you breathless. We pride ourselves on being able to offer something to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic strip tease or something more daring like pole dancing or lap dances, our talented performers have got you covered. We also offer themed shows that can be customized according to your preferences. From naughty nurse fantasies to wild bachelorette parties, we’ve got it all covered! Our team is dedicated to ensuring every show is unique and tailored specifically for each individual audience member’s needs. You’ll never see the same show twice at Pussycat Barcelona! So why settle for just any strip club or gentleman’s club when you can have an unforgettable experience with us? Come visit us today and let us take your night in Barcelona up a notch!

Our Mission

At Pussycat Barcelona, our mission is simple: to provide the best live exotic dancers in Barcelona. We have a team of professional and talented dancers who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to entertaining our clients. We strive to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits us. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a fun night out with friends, we want you to leave feeling satisfied and impressed by our shows. Our mission also includes creating a safe and comfortable environment for all of our guests. We respect your privacy and ensure that your visit is discreet and confidential. Our staff is trained to handle any situation with professionalism, so you can relax and enjoy yourself without worry. Additionally, we aim to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service. From the moment you walk through our doors until the time you leave, we want you to feel valued as a client. Our goal is not only to meet but also to surpass your expectations. At Pussycat Barcelona, we are committed to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences that keep our clients coming back again and again.  

What We Offer Our Clients

At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in offering our clients an unforgettable experience with our live exotic dancers. We offer a range of services to cater to every client’s preferences and needs. Our VIP package includes private rooms for a more intimate experience with our dancers. These rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, lighting that sets the mood, and music that will keep you entertained all night long. For those who want to celebrate their special occasions in style, we offer exclusive party packages. Our team can customize your party based on your preferences and budget. With us, you can celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, or any event in a unique way that suits you best. We also provide transportation services from anywhere within the city limits of Barcelona for easy access to our club ensuring convenience is paramount for us. We have professional photographers available upon request so you don’t miss capturing memorable moments during your stay at Pussycat Barcelona In short, whether it’s just an enjoyable evening out or celebrating a big occasion like no other – we’ve got something special waiting at Pussycat Barcelona!  

What Our Dancers Look Like

At Pussycat Barcelona, we pride ourselves on having the most beautiful and talented live exotic dancers in all of Barcelona. Our dancers come from all over the world, bringing with them their unique styles, personalities, and moves. When it comes to our dancers’ physical appearance, we have a range of different types to suit every taste. From petite brunettes to curvy blondes and everything in between – you will find your perfect match here at Pussycat Barcelona. Our dancers take great care in maintaining their bodies and keeping themselves fit so that they can perform jaw-dropping shows for our clients night after night. They work hard at honing their skills and learning new dance routines so that each show is better than the last. Aside from being physically stunning, our performers are also incredibly friendly and approachable. They love interacting with customers both on stage during performances as well as off-stage during private dances or just chatting over drinks. So whether you prefer a sultry seductress or an energetic performer who knows how to get the party started – we’ve got you covered! Come see us today at Pussycat Barcelona for an unforgettable experience featuring some of the best live exotic dancers around.  


Pussycat Barcelona is one of the best strip clubs and gentleman clubs located in Barcelona, Spain. We specialize in providing high-quality adult entertainment to our clients through our talented group of live exotic dancers.
Our team consists of over 20 experienced and professional performers, all with their own unique styles and skills. We handpick each member to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and professionalism.
At Pussycat Barcelona, we offer a variety of different shows to suit different tastes and preferences. From traditional stripteases to more elaborate performances featuring acrobatics or fire dancing, there’s something for everyone here.

Live Exotic Dancers

Live exotic dancers are a sight to behold. They bring energy and excitement to any event or party they’re performing at, leaving the audience mesmerized by their moves. These dancers are trained professionals who have mastered the art of seduction and entertainment. One of the key aspects that make live exotic dancers so unique is their ability to adapt to any crowd or atmosphere. Whether it’s a wild bachelor party or an elegant corporate event, these performers know how to cater to the audience’s preferences while still maintaining their own style and expertise. Live exotic dancers come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. From classic burlesque styles to modern hip-hop routines, there is no limit to what these talented performers can do onstage. Their costumes and music choices also play a significant role in creating an unforgettable performance for everyone watching. If you’ve never experienced live exotic dancing before, then you’re in for a treat. The combination of raw talent, sensuality, and showmanship makes for an electrifying experience that will leave you wanting more. So why not indulge yourself by watching some incredible live performances at Pussycat Barcelona?

Photos and Videos

At Pussycat Barcelona, we understand that seeing is believing. That’s why we offer our clients a chance to check out photos and videos of our live exotic dancers in action. Our website features an extensive gallery where you can view pictures and footage of some of the hottest performances from our talented team. From sultry stripteases to high-energy dance routines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. What’s more, all of our content is professionally produced with high-quality cameras and lighting equipment. This ensures that the images are crystal clear and the videos are smooth, so you get a true representation of what it’s like to see one of our shows in person. We update our galleries regularly with new photos and videos, so be sure to check back often for fresh content. And if you see something that catches your eye, don’t hesitate to book one (or more) of our live exotic dancers for your next event or party in Barcelona!


As we come to the end of this blog post, it’s important to reiterate what sets Pussycat Barcelona apart from other strip clubs and gentleman clubs in the city. Our team is made up of talented and professional live exotic dancers who are dedicated to providing unforgettable performances that leave our clients wanting more. We offer a variety of shows that cater to different tastes and preferences, meaning there’s something for everyone at Pussycat Barcelona. And with our commitment to excellent customer service, you can be sure that your experience with us will be nothing short of exceptional. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the photos and videos on our website to see for yourself why we’re known as the best live exotic dancers in Barcelona. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality entertainment every time, whether you’re visiting us alone or with friends. So if you’re looking for a night out that’s guaranteed to be both unforgettable and truly unique, look no further than Pussycat Barcelona. Come join us and experience the excitement firsthand!