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Are you looking for the best strip bar in Barcelona to have a night out with your friends or to celebrate a special occasion? Look no further than Pussycat Barcelona! Our gentleman club is renowned for its exceptional entertainment, stunning performers, and unparalleled atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or just visiting our beautiful city, we guarantee an unforgettable experience at Pussycat Barcelona. Keep reading to learn more about our history, dancers, and what sets us apart from other strip clubs in the area.  

What is Pussycat Barcelona?

Pussycat Barcelona is a premier strip bar located in the heart of Barcelona. It is one of the most popular nightclubs and provides its customers with an unforgettable experience. The club has been designed to offer luxury, comfort, and pleasure to all its visitors. From the moment you step into Pussycat Barcelona, you will feel like you have entered a world where everything revolves around your needs and desires. With plush seating arrangements and dim lighting, Pussycat Barcelona creates an ambiance that is perfect for unwinding after a long day at work or exploring the city. The music played by their DJs adds to this atmosphere as it sets the mood for the evening ahead. Pussycat Barcelona prides itself on offering exceptional service from start to finish. Whether it’s booking your table or ordering drinks, their staff are trained to cater to your every need. In short, Pussycat Barcelona is not just another strip bar; it’s an experience that combines top-notch entertainment with unmatched hospitality.  

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History of Pussycat Barcelona

Pussycat Barcelona is a strip club located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. However, before it became one of the city’s most popular strip bars and gentleman’s clubs, it had a different purpose altogether. The building that now houses Pussycat Barcelona was originally built as a cinema back in the 1920s. It went through various owners throughout its history and eventually ended up being an adult movie theater. In the early 2000s, the current owner decided to transform the space into something new and exciting while still maintaining some of its original charms. And so began Pussycat Barcelona – a high-end strip club with incredible cabaret shows and beautiful dancers from all over Europe. Since then, Pussycat has become one of the most well-known venues for stag parties, bachelor parties, or any kind of celebration where you want to enjoy beautiful women performing sensual dances in an exclusive atmosphere. The venue has been renovated several times over the years to keep up with modern standards while also preserving its unique character. Pussycat Barcelona prides itself on providing excellent entertainment for people visiting from across Spain or even further abroad. With talented performers who are passionate about their craft combined with luxurious surroundings, there’s no wonder why this bar has gained such popularity among locals and visitors alike!  

The Girls of Pussycat Barcelona

Pussycat Barcelona is known for having some of the most beautiful and talented girls in the city. The club prides itself on recruiting only the best dancers, models, and entertainers from all over Europe. These girls are not just stunningly attractive; they are also highly skilled performers who know how to put on an incredible show. They have mastered a variety of dance styles, including pole dancing, lap dancing, belly dancing, and more. The Girls of Pussycat Barcelona come from diverse backgrounds but they all share one thing in common: their passion for performing. Some are professional dancers while others are models or actresses looking to expand their horizons. Many of these girls speak multiple languages fluently which makes them more approachable to international customers who visit Pussycat Barcelona. Their friendly personalities coupled with their skills make them irresistible to any gentleman club enthusiast. With each new performer taking center stage at Pussycat Barcelona comes a fresh batch of excitement and anticipation from patrons eager to see what’s next. It’s no wonder that this strip bar has become such a popular destination among locals and tourists alike!  

The Strippers of Pussycat Barcelona

At Pussycat Barcelona, we pride ourselves on our beautiful and talented strippers. Each one of them is carefully selected to ensure that they meet our high standards for both physical beauty and performance ability. Our strippers come from all over the world, bringing with them a wide range of cultural backgrounds and dance styles. They are experts at creating an unforgettable experience for our customers by combining sensuality with skillful dancing techniques. Whether you prefer blondes or brunettes, petite or curvy women, we have something to suit your tastes. Our diverse selection of strippers ensures that there is always someone who will catch your eye. But it’s not just their looks that make our strippers stand out. They undergo rigorous training to hone their skills and develop their stage presence so they can deliver jaw-dropping performances each time they take the stage. Many of our dancers have even won awards in international competitions, proving that they truly are some of the best in the business. So why settle for anything less when you can enjoy top-quality entertainment right here at Pussycat Barcelona?

What Customers can expect at Pussycat Barcelona?

At Pussycat Barcelona, customers can expect a night filled with excitement and entertainment. From the moment they step through our doors, they’ll be transported into a world of pleasure and fun. We pride ourselves on offering an unforgettable experience for all who enter our gentleman’s club. Our guests can expect to be treated like VIPs from the moment they arrive until the time they leave. Our stunning dancers will captivate you with their sensual moves and mesmerizing performances. Whether you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads – we have something for everyone! In addition to our top-notch entertainment, we offer a range of premium drinks to keep your thirst quenched throughout the night. Our bar is stocked with only the finest liquors and spirits, ensuring that every guest has access to their favorite drink. At Pussycat Barcelona, we understand that privacy is important to some of our clients. That’s why we offer private dance rooms where guests can enjoy more intimate dances without any interruptions. At Pussycat Barcelona customers can expect excellent service paired with unforgettable performances sure to excite all senses!  

The Cabaret

The Cabaret at Pussycat Barcelona is a must-see experience. As soon as you enter the club, you’ll be transported to a world of glamour and excitement that will leave you breathless. The stage is set with stunning lighting, gorgeous curtains, and state-of-the-art sound equipment. The dancers are true professionals who know how to put on a show that will leave you wanting more. You can expect to see performances ranging from classic burlesque acts to modern dance numbers. The choreography is flawless, and the costumes are elaborate and breathtakingly beautiful. The Cabaret at Pussycat Barcelona offers an intimate setting where guests can get up close and personal with the performers. You’ll feel like you’re part of the show as the dancers move around the room and interact with the audience in playful ways. The Cabaret at Pussycat Barcelona is not to be missed. It’s an unforgettable experience that combines beauty, artistry, sensuality, and entertainment in one incredible package. So come on down to Pussycat Barcelona tonight for a night out unlike any other!  


Our dress code is smart casual, but we do not allow sportswear or flip-flops.
No, we only offer drinks and entertainment.
No photography or videography is allowed inside the club.

The Dancers

At Pussycat Barcelona, we take pride in the quality of our dancers. Our talented performers are chosen from all over the world and undergo rigorous training to ensure that they provide a top-notch experience for our customers. Our dancers come from diverse backgrounds with varying dance styles ranging from classical ballet to contemporary hip hop. They are not only beautiful but also skilled in their craft which makes them stand out as some of the best strippers in town. We believe that every customer deserves an unforgettable show, so we carefully select each dancer based on talent, personality, and stage presence. This ensures that every performance is unique and tailored to bring excitement to our guests. Our dancers work hard day-in-day-out perfecting their routines while ensuring they stay fit and healthy at all times. We respect them greatly for their dedication to maintaining such high standards of excellence. So if you’re looking for a club with exceptional entertainment value, then look no further than Pussycat Barcelona where you’ll be captivated by some of the sexiest dancers around!

What to wear to visit Pussycat Barcelona

When visiting Pussycat Barcelona, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. While there is no formal dress code at our strip bar, we do recommend that you dress nicely and avoid wearing anything too casual or revealing. For men, we suggest wearing a collared shirt and trousers or nice jeans with shoes. Avoid wearing shorts or flip-flops as they are not allowed in the venue. A blazer or sports jacket is also a great addition to complete your look. Women can wear dresses, skirts or trousers with a stylish blouse. Avoid wearing anything too short or revealing as this may attract unwanted attention from other guests. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable and confident while enjoying their night at Pussycat Barcelona. Dressing appropriately shows respect for yourself and others in the club. Remember that first impressions are everything when it comes to dressing up! So make sure you put some effort into choosing your attire before heading out to experience an unforgettable evening full of entertainment at Pussycat Barcelona!


When it comes to the best strip bars in Barcelona, Pussycat Barcelona stands out as a top choice. From its history to its girls and strippers, everything about this gentlemen’s club is designed to offer an unforgettable experience for customers. The cabaret and dancers are among the highlights of Pussycat Barcelona, providing entertainment that leaves no room for boredom. The atmosphere at this strip bar is also impeccable, with friendly staff ready to cater to your needs. For those wondering what to wear when visiting Pussycat Barcelona, dressing smartly is highly recommended. This will not only make you feel more comfortable but also create a better impression among other guests. If you’re looking for an exciting night out filled with great entertainment and beautiful women in Barcelona, Pussycat Barcelona should be on your list of places to visit. With its reputation as one of the best strip clubs around, you won’t regret choosing this venue for your next night out in the city!